CRA Benefits Increment May 2024: Know Eligibility, Increments Amount & Payment Dates

The article will be discussing about the CRA Benefits Increment May 2024. The Canada Revenue Agency has been providing numerous financial benefits to low-income households. The Canadian citizens as well as legal resident alien can be benefited from receiving these benefits and will be able to cope with the rising cost of living rates in Canada. These benefits are offered in the form of monthly payments, credits or tax rebates to eligible Canadian residents. The CRA regularly revises the benefit payments to bridge the gap in the recipients’ income and expenses due to rise in inflation.

CRA Benefits Increment May 2024

The Canadian Federal Government has been consistently making plans and implementing them to ensure the financial security of its citizenry. The economic fluctuation in the Canadian economy and associated price rise in the essential commodities consequentially impact the monthly budget of every household. Especially, those citizens living in low-income households are vulnerable to such fluctuations and they have to survive with limited income and resources. The Canadian Federal Government evaluates the forthcoming economic situation and makes adjustments in the form of increments in the benefits that are delivered under various CRA programs.

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The CRA administers several programs to enable its beneficiaries in availing all basic necessities on a monthly basis including groceries, medicines, and payment for accommodation and utility bills. The upcoming installments of CRA Benefits to numerous beneficiaries will be discussed here in this article so that potential recipients can claim these incremented benefits in the month of May. The readers are advised to read the entire article to get valuable information about these CRA Benefits Increments to be delivered in May 2024.

CRA Benefits Increment May 2024: Overview 

Title of the Article

CRA Benefits’ Increments to be delivered in May 2024

Country of Implementation


Associated Department

The Canada Revenue Agency

Intended Beneficiaries

Low-income Households

Expected Increments

Between 4.4% and 20%

Estimated Timeline

May  2024

For More Information

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Different CRA Benefits 2024  

The CRA is a federal administrative institution that mainly deals with formulation and implementation of taxation laws and policies. The CRA also administers tax collection and delivery of pension, rebates, credits and other monthly benefits. The major CRA programs delivering benefits, credits and rebates are follows:

The Canada Child Benefit;
The Canada Pension Plan;
The Old Age Security;
The Canada Carbon Rebate;
The GST/HST Credit.

 Increments in the CRA Benefits May 2024 

The year 2024, the CRA has evaluated the prospects of incrementing the amount to be paid as benefits under various programs. The increments in major programs are as follows:

The Canada Child Benefit –

​The program provides a tax-free monthly payment to eligible low-income households to facilitate the cost incurred in raising a child up until the age of 18 years. It also comprise of additional payments intended as child disability benefit and other such provincial programs. There isn’t any official announcement yet but previously the program benefits were incremented by 6.3%.

The Canada Pension Plan –

CPP is a federal program offering retirement benefits or pension to Canadian senior citizens that provides financial assistance in the eventuality of federal employees’ retirement,disability, or death.It is expected to receive a increment at the rate of 4.4% in the coming days.

The Old Age Security –

The OAS has been providing monthly monetary benefits to senior citizens in Canada. However these OAS benefits are not offered for all seniors but only for those who have attained at least the age of 65 years. Earlier in the first quarter of 2024, the program received an increment at the rate of 3.2% but in the second quarter of 2024 it is unlikely to be incremented.

The Canada Carbon Rebate –

The program was formerly referred as Climate Action Incentive payment and it delivered tax rebate for eligible taxpaying households to offset the impact of federal pollution pricing. The rebate is in two parts basic amount and supplementary aid for beneficiaries residing in small and rural communities. The program will be incremented equivalent to increase in the federal polluting pricing.

The GST/HST Credit –

The program delivers quarterly payments to low- and mid-income households to offset the impact of the Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax. The tax rebate may include additional payments as well under provincial programs. The additional payment of $234 will be given to single tax payers and $467 will be given to married couple with two children.

CRA Benefits Payment Dates 2024 

The following upcoming dates are scheduled in the year 2024 for various CRA programs:

Canada Child Benefit

Canada Pension Plan

Old Age Security

Canada Carbon Rebate

GST/HST Credit

19th April
17th May
20th June
19th July
20th August
20th September
18th October
20th November
13th December
30th April
31st May
29th June
31st July
31st August
28th September
31st October
30th November
24th December
26th April
29th May
26th June
29th July
28th August
25th September
29th October
27th November
20th December
15th April(Already delivered)
15th July
15th October
5th April (Already delivered)
5th July
4th October

Advantages of CRA Benefits Increment April 2024

These increments will provide additional income for the recipients, which will allow them to meet their balance of payment in accordance with the rising cost of living standards;
These increments will fulfill the purpose of these welfare programs to ensure no household in pushed into extreme poverty due to lack of funds;
These increments will be rewarding for taxpayers who duly file their tax returns and pay their tax dues.
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