VA Stimulus Checks 2024: Who is Eligible For VA Stimulus Checks and What is Payment Schedule?

The Veterans in United States of America gets assistance in form of money through VA Stimulus Checks 2024. The fundamental role of this stimulus check is to provide help to veterans who got majorly hurt or are too sick to go back. VA Stimulus Checks 2024 are monthly payments given by the government to veterans. These payments are given to military officials who got hurt or sick during their service. This VA stimulus checks 2024 is there to help veterans financially who got injured while serving.

To access payment under this stimulus check you need to be a veteran who served in Navy, army, or air force. Basically you need to be a military veteran. One major condition to follow is that you have not got a dishonored discharge from your service. Follow along to know more about eligibility and other major updates regarding VA Stimulus Checks 2024.

VA Stimulus Checks 2024

In the upcoming months in 2024 veterans may expect to receive some additional money in their accounts. All the veterans cross the United States can hear this good news. The full form of VA is Veteran affairs and the payment amount falls under Social Security Payment. Everybody will get payment which is decided on the basis of Cost of living adjustments, i.e. COLA.

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As inflation is increasing so is the basic expenses, so government has decided to increase VA stimulus payments. VA beneficiaries may now expect to receive increased payment. There is surge of 3.2% in COLA due to which beneficiaries can expect payment up to $3600. The aim of this benefit scheme is to support injured veterans for basic needs and manage long-term medical service costs.

Remember that VA stimulus checks are requirement-based payment benefits. Your disability will be judged on the basis of how much your disability limits you in doing your daily chores. How your illness makes you suffer doing your everyday basic tasks is judged. To be eligible for this pension you need to be a veteran who got injured while serving and got disabled.

VA Stimulus Checks 2024: Overview

Name of the Scheme VA Stimulus Checks 2024
Payment date for January Yet to be released
Regulatory Body US Department of Veterans
Beneficiaries Disabled military officials
Aim of the Scheme To help disabled veterans
Category Government Aid
Official Website


VA Stimulus Checks 2024 : Who is Eligible For VA Stimulus Checks and What is the Payment Schedule in 2024 ? Know Everything Here

The VA Stimulus Check givers use a combined disability rating to generate payments. Combined Disability rating is a rating VA has provided to specific military officials after looking into their service-connected conditions. These are the conditions a person develops while serving in military.

Monthly Payment Schedule for VA Stimulus Checks 2024

You can check the table to know your VA stimulus Checks payment will be credited to your bank accounts. If you are a military official or a person related to veteran or family member than you can see this table to get an idea of your payments. Check when you will receive your VA Stimulus Checks payments this year.

January Thursday, 1st Feb
February Friday, 1st March
March Monday, 1st April
April Wednesday, 1st May
May Friday, 31st   May
June Monday, 1st  July
July Thursday, 1st  August  
August Friday, 30th  August
September Tuesday, 1st  October
October Friday, 1st  November
November Friday, 29th  November
December Tuesday, 31st  December

All of these are expected payment dates. We will update them in case there is changes in these dates.

Eligibility for VA Stimulus Checks 2024

  • In order to start receiving VA benefits payments you need to fulfill special criteria. You are eligible for these tax exemption payments if you have attained any physical or psychological disability during service. However you are not eligible for these payments if you have been discharged from the service dishonorably. If you are a veteran survivor then you will receive these payments along with additional cash from authorities in case you lost your limbs during service.
  • If you are someone who is earning less and serving country then you can access these benefits under the program veterans’ and survivors pension plans. If reports to be believed, VA has given an expansion in healthcare to those people who are survivors of hazardous accidents while serving. This will help these people to submit their names early for VA medical services in comparison to other eligible veterans.

Payments of VA Stimulus Checks 2024

Before only a few veterans were receiving these payments. But now the VA has increased its reach and people who served in Gulf War, Iraq and Vietnam War, Afghanistan War after 9/11 will also receive these payments. Veterans who served in hazardous conditions during their duty days are also eligible for the same. They will receive this even if they have not received Veteran Affair Payment before.

Eligibility for these payments is based on the degree disability you had during your military service. You need to fulfill eligibility criteria and avoid dishonorable eviction to get these payments. Having AFNI below threshold is also a criteria. Your monthly payments will be decided on the basis of your combined disability ratings. We advice you collect all the proofs of disability before applying for these payments. It will ease the process of claim for this benefit payment.

How to Ensure Timely Stimulus Payments for VAs

Please follow these steps to ensure timely payments:

  1. At the time of filing make sure all the required documents are correct and complete.
  2. For quick submission fill the form online on official Veterans Affairs portal.
  3. Keep your contact information updated for easy and quick communication.
  4. For early payments please choose direct payment method.
  5. Stay updated with latest information and updates.
  6. In case of doubts and issues take help from veteran service organizations.
  7. If you don’t want delay in payments let officials know about all discrepancies.
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