Canada Grocery Rebate Payment Dates 2024- Know CGR Payments Amount, Eligibility & Deposit Dates

Many of you may be waiting for the Canada Grocery Rebate Payments in 2024. Then you have come to a right place, in the article, I will provide you latest updates regarding the Canada Grocery Rebate Payment Dates 2024. Firstly to tell you, that it is form of return payment that the federal government of Canada makes. The amount that is pain through the CGR is double the amount of GST/HST (Goods and service tax/ harmony sales tax). Continue reading the article to get the recent updates of Canada Grocery Rebate payments 2024, application process, eligibility criteria, expected payment dates and other factors that can affect your chances of payment amount. 

Canada Grocery Rebate Payment Dates 2024

  • The government of Canada introduces grocery rebate in budget announcement every year. Last year, the Canada Revenue Agency announced the grocery rebate in the month of July 2023. This Grocery Rebate is a one-time payment that the CRA makes every year. In the year 2024, the CRA will be distributing the payments soon. The amount of CGR is double the amount of GST/HST which is pain quarterly. The recipients get the amounts on the basis of previous year tax receipts. For the 2024 CGR Amounts, the base year for the prospective beneficiaries is 2023. 
  • We all are aware that the cost of living is growing all over the world. And it is getting difficult for citizens to survive the rising cost. It is getting harder for all us to manage the growing cost. And in that case the current proposal of the CRA will help many Canadian residents to cope with the inflation levels. Though the inflation rates are getting a little lower for a year now, the cost of everything is getting unbearable. Considering the same, the one -time grocery will benefits almost 11 million Canadian residents. 

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Canada Grocery Rebate Payment 2024 : Brief Overview

You may be getting impatient to know the rebate payment dates and your possibility to get the benefits amount. Before anything else, you must know certain brief details about the agency, So that in case of crunch, you can contact the official administrators.

Brief Overview  Canada Grocery Rebate Expected Payment Dates 2024
Official Agency  The Canada Revenue Agency
Origin  Country  The Republic of Canada
Category Financial Aid
Beneficiary Canadian Taxpayers
Maximum Payments Up to $628 (on the Basis for Previous year)
Expected Dates  To be Released Soon
Official Website  www.Canada.Ca


Canada Grocery Rebate Payment Dates 2024- Know CGR Payments Amount, Eligibility & Deposit Dates

Are You Getting Canada Grocery Rebate Payment In 2024?

If you are a tax payer and your adjusted family net income is under the mandated threshold, you will get the benefits. The mandated standard for the singles is $52,255, and for the couples with maximum number of children 4 is $69,015. That income threshold was of the base year 2022 now the base year would be 2023. Therefore, the income threshold is subject to change.

Canada Grocery Rebate 2024 Eligibility Criteria

First of all, any prospective candidate who wants get the benefits needs to a Canadian resident. He or she must be an adult and a tax payer too. There are different criteria for immigrant and Quebec residents. 

  • The individual must be above the age of 19 before April 2024
  • You must hold social insurance number 
  • You are Canadian resident of income tax purpose
  • If you are under 19 years old, you make sure that you have a common low partner or you are a parent and lives with at least one child

How much can You Get in CGR Payments 2024?

The benefits for the Canada Grocery Rebate depend on the various scenarios. The individual may get several types of benefits on the basis of his or her state of life. If you are married, you are going to get bigger sum of money. If you are single and have no kinds, you are going to get comparatively small sum of money. 

  • If you are single, you can get up to $496 for GST/HST payments and the CGR is double of the GST/HST.
  • IF you are married, you can get up to $650 for GST/HST payments and the CGR will be double of the GST/HST

Canada Grocery Rebate 2024 Payments Dates & Latest Status

  • In the year 2023, the dates were in the month of July as announced with the annual budget. The dates for the year 2024 have not been announced yet. As soon as the CRA publishes the dates, I will update you back. As of now you can expect the payment dates possibly in the month of  May 204. But delay might also be possible in the case of holidays. 
  • In the article I have covered all the important information that you may need to avail the benefits. The Canada Grocery Rebate 2024 Payments will soon be reimbursed to the eligible candidates. The article covers all the aspects such as payment dates, expected amount and eligibility regarding the CGR 2024. The individuals need no formal application for the CGR benefits. You just have to file tax returns whether you have taxable income or not. The previous year tax receipts are your qualifying documents. 
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