CPP Payment Increase 2024: Who is Eligible & How Much will be Increased CPP Payment Coming?

Canada Pension Plan is the primary sources of income for seniors of Canada after retirement. Initial changes and improvements on Canada Pension Plan started on 2019. The increase is very less in CPP contributions but it aims at giving Canadians higher financial stability and get higher benefits. We are going to update you about CPP Payment Increase 2024 in this article.

As part of CPP increase additional maximum pensionable income will be introduced in 2024. This will also include an enhanced earning caps. This year’s new earning cap will be 7% less from the first year’s maximum pensionable earnings. For example if previous limit was $69,000 then this year’s new maximum would be $$73,830.

CPP Payment Increase 2024

  • Canada Pension Plan is a financial aid program which provides disability benefits and retirement pensions monthly to people in Canada. This gives eligible individuals and retired seniors taxable income on Canada Pension Payments. To find out when your CPP is due visit the official website of Canadian government www.canada.ca.
  • Canada Pension Plan is an amazing strategy for savings. It offers Canadian citizens a stable and guaranteed income every month after retirement. In the year 2023 Canada Pension Plan Payment Date was scheduled on 27th October 2023 and before that payment was made on September 2023. It is difficult to decipher the benefits and advantages for every single category. Government matches the amount in your CPP account to the CPP contributions you made. Once you turn 60 years old you will be eligible to receive the payment directly to your bank accounts. You are eligible for this program even if you have contributed once in your life.

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CPP Payment Increase 2024: Overview 

Name of Program Canada Pension Plan
Regulatory Authority Employment & Social Development Canada
Aim of Scheme Pension money
Recipients Senior Citizens
Eligibility Criteria Must have contributed to CPP once in life
Payment Monthly
CPP increase in 2024 By 3.6% (expected)
Payment mode Direct to bank accounts
CPP Amount $600 to $1150
Payment Dates 29  November 2023, 21 December 2023
Official Website www.canada.ca

CPP Payment Increase 2024 : How Much will be Increased CPP Payment amount in 2024? Know Eligibility

Who is Eligible For increased CPP Payment 2024?

To be able to access any scheme started by the federal government of Canada for the aid of people, you need to be eligible first. You cannot get the benefit without proving your eligibility. All the schemes under every program are designed based on needs, wants and deserving candidate. Not all are allowed to access these social plans. To be eligible for Canada Pension Plan you need to attain a minimum age of 60 years and must provide one legal document that tells about your CPP contribution.

How much will be Expected CPP Increase 2024?

There will be a 7% increase in maximum pensionable earnings from last year. The year’s additional maximum pensionable earning is a new higher earnings cap which is a part of CPP payment increase 2024.

As a result of CPP enhancement workers are required to submit both original and enhanced CPP contributions to the Canada Revenue Agency. Employers will have to pay more for the same procedure.

CPP Payment Increase Amount Limit 2024 

  • CPP Post-retirement amount – up to $40.25
  • CPP Retirement Pension – up to 1306.57
  • CPP Disability Amount – up to 1538.67
  • CPP Post-Retirement Disability Amount – up to $558.74
  • Disabled Canada Pension Plan Contributors Children – up to $281.72
  • Deceased Canada Pension Plan Contributors Children – up to $281.72
  • Death amount ( one-time) – up to $2500

Impact on Employees of CPP Payment Increase 2024

Original MPE CPP Contribution by Employee (5.95%) MPE of Phase 2 Phase 2 – Enhanced Earnings CPP Contributions – Phsae 2 (4%) CPP Contributions – Total
2024 $69,200 $4117.40 $73,830 $4630 $185.20 $4302.60
2023 $66,600 $3962.70 $3962.70

The second Phase of Canada Pension Plan Increase will start in 2024-2025. The eligible candidates will continue to make 5.95% CPP contributions, up to the maximum amount of pensionable earnings determined by CRA. You will still be eligible for Phase 2 CPP with higher maximum pensionable earnings even if your annual income exceeds the maximum. If the employees income exceed the maximum pensionable earnings limit of both phase 1 and phase 2 then there will be a deduction of 4% CPP contribution from it.

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