NYC Parking Tickets- Know to How to Dispute & Pay your NYC Parking Tickets Online

If you are driving in the New York City, then you must have summoned a parking ticket or two in your lifetime. First, finding a legal parking spot in the city seems a quest in itself and later when you return to your car and found a parking ticket on your windshield, it became quite frustrating among the hustle and bustle of New York City. Since the parking fines may vary from cities to cities in the United States, New York is one of the many U.S. cities with the largest parking fines including San Francisco and Chicago. A person can violate parking rules based on several kinds of parking tickets and penalties.

Ever since you receive a parking ticket, several questions will be knocking your head. For instance, what kind of parking violation you have made, how will you pay your NYC parking ticket and if you believe your parking ticket was issued faultily, then how can you challenge it. If you are a tourist or have recently moved to the city, then you must check out this post as being unaware of rules and regulations, a tiny moment can cost you a parking penalty. On continuing to this post, you will able to access all insights on aforementioned questions including kinds of NYC parking tickets and penalties and how can you avoid it. Continue reading this post, so that you cannot miss any updates.

What is NYC Parking Tickets?

If you have received a NYC parking ticket, then first you must understand it before taking an action. A typical NYC parking ticket may include the following details:

  • The fine by which your vehicle is charged.
  • Vehicle details including its make, model and plate number.
  • Information about the officer who issued the parking ticket.
  • Information about the violation you have made.
  • Information about the location where the violation is made and the ticket is issued.
  • In addition to these, the details regarding the time and date.

As mentioned earlier, New York falls in the category of one of the U.S. cities with highest parking tickets with the least falling at $65 and the highest falling at $125. In some cause, it may range even higher as per the violation made by an individual. The NYC parking ticket charges may vary as per the violation made by the driver. Such as, time penalties, parking at no-parking zones, double parking and at handicap spots. Let’s understand the kinds of parking ticket and penalties in detail:

  • Time Penalties: These penalties are imposed on parking for longer than the maximum time limit permitted by the sign, street marking or traffic control device. A person may be fined around $60 to $65 on violating the rule. In addition to it, if a person got delayed in paying NYC parking tickets, the penalties will only grow unless the payment is made on the tickets.
  • No-parking zones: If you park your vehicle at a no-parking zone, it can result into a parking ticket. In addition to it, parking at double parking can also result into a ticket. The double parking is described if a car is parked in front of another vehicle living no space between the two to allow other vehicle to pass.

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NYC Parking Tickets Overview

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NYC Parking Tickets- Know to How to Dispute & Pay your NYC Parking Tickets Online

Pay your NYC Parking Tickets

The New York City Department of Finance offers various methods to pay for your NYC parking tickets. The simplest method for paying tickets is by using online method. If you wish not opt the online method, then you can also pay via mail, in person or through the mobile app. It is to notify to the citizens that delaying in payment of NYC parking tickets will allow the ticket only to grow bigger. Thus, it is advised to pay within the 30 days of issuance of the violation or the fine will be doubled. In case, the payment still not received within 60 days of the issuance for the violation, it will be forwarded to the department of motor vehicles.

Can You Dispute Your NYC Parking Tickets?

As discussed earlier, if you believe that your parking ticket is issued faultily, then you can challenge it via dispute process. For that, you will have to request a hearing from the New York City Department of Finance. However, you must request for dispute process within 30 days of the tickets issued to avoid the late penalties.

The hearing can be commenced in person or via mails. Your case will be reviewed by an administrative judge and if the hearing comes into your favor, then the violation will be cleared. However, if the hearing is not granted into your favor, then you can reappeal for the hearing by filing a parking/camera violations appeal application via mail within 30 days of the decision made by the administrative judge.

How Can You Avoid NYC Parking Tickets?

While violating the parking rules will result into a parking ticket but there are few measures that you adhere to avoid NYC parking tickets. You can check the following points to better gain knowledge on how these points can help you avoid tickets and losing your good fortune:

  • At first, follow all the rules and regulations and park legally.
  • You can also use parking lots and garages to park your vehicle.
  • Try walking and use ride sharing. Since walking can be beneficial for your health, it will also work as major source in your savings.
  • Avoid double parking and at bike lanes and crosswalk.
  • Be aware of the time limit for the vehicle at a particular place.
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