What is NYC Air Quality 2024: Fire and Smoke- Know Insights Here

Beginning in March 2023 and intensified in the month of June, the Canada Wildfire affected many parts around the globe with the United States and some European countries were alarmed with air quality alerts. As of Canada, all ten provinces and the three territories were hugely impacted since Alberta, British Colombia, the Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec faced large fires. The 2023 Canada Wildfire season is considered as one of the most lethal crises surpassing the Canada’s history of wildfire in 1989, 1995 and 2014 seasons. The wildfire has resulted in burning of over 5% of the entire forest area in Canada.

A number of U.S. states were affected by the Canada Wildfire resulting into air quality alerts in major part of the country. By May 21, 2023, smoke from the Alberta wildfire led to air quality alerts in Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin and Washington. Later, the month of June covered a substantial part of the country as the smoke from Nova Scotia wildfire resulted into a poor air quality in Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. In addition to it, the smoke from Quebec wildfire resorted into the North-eastern United States in the first week of June 2023. As a result, the sky in New York and other parts of the country turned milky and people were forced to wear face masks. Since the Canada Wildfire is growing, the citizens are in awe whether the smoke from the wildfire will make its way back.

NYC Air Quality and Wildfire Smoke 2024

It was the night of June 6, 2023 when New York City had the worst air pollution for any major city in the world with an AQI rated over 350; marked as the worst air quality in the city since 1960s. However, on June 7, Delhi took over the rank as New York City fell down to second. According to National Wildfire Report of Canada, over 90 fires are burning in the country and it is expected the smoke will make its way back in few weeks. As of now, the largest fire burning is in British Columbia with over 6,100 acres of land has already been burnt resulting into an evacuation alert and thousands of people leaving their homes. Apart from it, many wildfires were reported in neighbouring parts of Alberta. Parts of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin have been already affected due to the wildfires in these provinces.

The state government has imposed the air quality alert last week in several parts of New Jersey state as the heat waves are in motion and the chances of storms are rising. Hopefully, there has not been any repeat of the smoke due to Canada Wildfire in New York as it was the same time of the year in 2023.  However, the New York City suffers greatly in summer 2024 due to high temperature and humidity. In addition to it, the air pollution due to smoke from vehicles and factories works as a catalyst in poor air quality. The state government will soon be declaring air quality alert in New York City if the AQI level reaches the level lethal for citizens.

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NYC Air Quality 2024 Overview

Post title NYC Air Quality: Fire and Smoke
Country The USA
State New York
Department New York Department of Health
Purpose To alert about the air quality
Year 2024
Official website nyc.gov

What is NYC Air Quality 2024: Fire and Smoke- Know Insights Here

Current NYC Air Quality Scenario

As of now, the air quality in New York city is stable and improving with each passing day. The air is polluted by five major pollutants which are ground-level ozone, fine particles, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. The air quality index measures the air quality based on the ranges it provides. You can check the air quality index and real time air quality in several parts of New York as per provided by the official department in the following tables:

Air Quality Index:

AQI Range Description
Good 0-50 Air pollution poses little or no risk
Moderate 51-100 May possess some risk for people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution.
Unhealthy for sensitive groups 101-150 People having heart or lung problems may be affected.
Unhealthy 151-200 General public may experience health effects.
Very unhealthy 201-300 Everyone can experience health effects.
Hazardous 300+ Health warning of emergency conditions.

Real time air quality data:

Location Last 24 hours (µg/m3)
Hamilton Bridge 11
Manhattan Bridge 10
DEC Monitor Average 9
Broadway/35th street 9
Port Richmond 9
Williamsburg Bridge 9
Cross Bronx Expwy 9
Mott Haven 9
Van Wyck 6
Glendale 3

NOTE: Keeping in mind the Canada wildfires, the real time data provided in the above-mentioned table is for the information purpose only. The data may vary in coming times as per the weather change in New York City.

Tips to Stay Safe from Poor Air Quality

Breathing smoke from wildfire can result into several healthcare conditions like eyes, nose and throat irritation, chest pain and trouble in breathing. You can follow various tips provided in the points listed below to stay safe from poor air quality:

  • Stay Indoor: The summer season and the Canada wildfires has led to rise in temperature and humidity along with the worst air quality in many parts of the country. Thus, it is advised to stay indoor unless a need arise to go outside. If the temperature outside is high, then close the doors and windows and use air conditioning. If you do not have air conditioning, then you can also prefer visiting cool indoor places like library or public building. If you don’t have air conditioning and wish not to go outside, then do not close your windows when the temperature is hotter outside.
  • Use a portable air cleaner.
  • Avoid activities like burning candles, smoking vapes or tobacco, frying food and any other activity that can pollute the air inside the house.
  • In case a need arises to go outside, use N-95 masks as a precaution.
  • Keep checking current air quality in the city and stay informed with the latest updates on weather conditions and other news via NYC alerts and news reports.
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