Why Savannah Chrisley is Struggling to Catch Her Breath amid Todd and Julie Prison Sentences?

The once picture-perfect world of reality TV’s Chrisley family has dramatically shifted for Savannah Chrisley. Following her parents Todd and Julie’s imprisonment for financial crimes, Savannah’s life has become a turmoil. Amid ongoing legal proceedings and potential prison sentences, Savannah is navigating through many turbulent tides, all while caring for her younger brother Grayson (17) and niece Chloe (11) and dealing with the aftermath of her parents’ jail sentences. Juggling these duties in between financial strain and personal relationships, she confronts the stark reality of life moving forward without her parents by her side.

Why Savannah Chrisley is Struggling ?

After taking over the responsibilities of the Chrisley family to start afresh, Savannah Chrisley does have a say in the upcoming responsibilities. She states and various media reports quote that Savannah Chrisley is indeed having a hard time mentally and financially handling the responsibilities. She says it has been difficult to watch other people move on with their lives while she is still struggling to cope with her new reality.  She says she feels like she can never catch her breath because there is always another blow. Savannah’s openness about her new responsibilities through the recent podcast sheds light on the emotional toll and the weight she carries while her parents are serving their time in prison.

Savannah Chrisley Sharing her feelings through Unlocked

In her podcast Unlocked which was aired on April 2, she stated that it has been tough for her on the fact that how her parents are burdened with the feeling of life simply continuing without them. In the similar way, Savannah is confronted by this feeling in relation to the people in her own life, as if their lives are merely being carried on as usual.

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Savannah also stated in her podcast that she finds herself still sitting, grappling with the struggle to catch her breath. Whether it’s the financial burden of caring for the kids; younger brother Grayson (17) and niece Chloe (11) for whom she received custody after her parents were sentenced, the challenges of new parenting, or navigating her own relationships, she experiences the sensation of barely coming up for air before another blow hits.

Savannah, who began dating Robert Shiver in 2023, shared that while life is going on a full swing for others, allowing them to go with the flow, she feels leftover with stuck in the same place. She continues with the fact that while she is riding the tides of misfortunes, still she clarified that she isn’t playing a victim role but stating facts in front of the people and doing her best to move on and focus on the kids.

Why Savannah Chrisley is Struggling to Catch Her Breath amid Todd and Julie Prison Sentences

Everything to know about Todd and Julie Chrisley’s prison sentences 

Things have been on a rough patch for Savannah Chrisley after her parents, Julie Chrisley and Todd Chrisley were found guilty in August 2019 for 12 cases of bank and wire fraud, tax evasion to IRS and conspiracy of the total amount of approximately $30million. The three week-long trials, which began in May 2022, resulted in Todd and Julie getting sentenced to 12 and 7 years in prison respectively. The couple was cleared of their state tax evasion charge in Georgia in October 2019 but continued to face federal charges for allegedly evading federal taxes. It resulted in getting most of their shows cancelled and negative publicity in the Hollywood. Despite their counter appeal on the judgement, they had to start their prison sentences by January 2023.

While their prison sentences were reduced in September last year, with Todd getting the leave 2 years before his original 12 years of sentence and Julie getting the leave 14 months before her 7years of sentence, still their lawyers will be ready for argument with the judge in Georgia in the upcoming month. Savannah has a hope that this is the positive sign which will be one step closer to getting her mom and dad home.

How Savannah Chrisley dealing with the challenges?

  • Overall, Savannah is dealing with a multitude of challenges and feels overwhelmed by the sudden shift in her life. The reality star’s plight also got light with the series of letters which her mother Julie sent to her from the prison. She admitted that her mother’s letter has instilled a new ray of hope and inspired her to deal with the weightage of the responsibilities that that have thrown on her.
  • Savannah read aloud the letter in the podcast, which stated that although Julie missed the kids and Savannah, still she firmly decided that they would not visit her on Christmas Day. The intention was to prevent them from having the memory of sitting in a prison visitation room during the holiday. She also appreciated Savannah’s efforts of keeping the family united.
  • Inspired by her parents’ lives, the 26-year-old recently decided to grace her presence as surprise visit on “The Masked Singer”. She shared that she got the will of going there, show up and have fun with the pump up of “just freakin do it, Savannah!”. She then told in the interview with PEOPLE that after that incident, she has gained some confidence and has no hesitation of the upcoming challenges and can adopt the mindset that the only course of action was to simply proceed.
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