IRS Refund Status 2024- Know How Can You Track IRS Refund Status Easily?

Since we are in the month of June 2024, the deadline for filing tax returns is already passed which was 15th April, 2024. However, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has extended the deadline to file your income tax returns for previous year. The taxpayers who have not file their tax returns yet may utilize the extended deadline up to 15th October of this year. The citizens who have paid an excess amount to taxes in 2023 may be eligible for the tax refunds issued by the IRS. There are several reasons that can determine a suitability for tax returns to the taxpayers by IRS but it is advised to be aware of avoiding tax overpay. Through this blog, you may be able to qualify for the insights on IRS refund status in 2024 including how to track your refund status along with expected day for the tax refunds to be issued.

IRS Refund Status 2024

As of IRS data, nearly 66.8 million refunds have been processed by April 5th 2024 which is a bit low as compared to 69.1 million through April 7, 2024. IRS allows the taxpayers to file for their tax returns by filling up the form 1040 which is also known as U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Apart from that, the taxpayers will also have to fill form W-2 that refers to the information from an employer about an employee’s annual wages and taxes withheld. The last date to file for the tax returns has already passed as of 15th April 2024. However, for the taxpayers who have not filed for their returns as of now, the IRS has extended the deadline up to 15th October 2024.

Depending on how you have filed your tax returns, you can track your refund status via couple of methods which are mentioned below in this post. In case you have filed for your returns via electronical mode, it will allow you to track your refund status within 24 hours of your filing. On the other side, amended tax returns or returns sent via mail might expect a delay if you want to track your refund status. You can choose your refund via a number of possible modes including direct deposits, mobile payment apps, prepaid debit cards and paper checks. The direct deposits will be transferred directly to the bank accounts of the taxpayers via IRS. You can track your refund status by using Where’s My Refund Tool which is available on the official website of the IRS or IRS2Go mobile application.

IRS Refund Status 2024 Quick Overview

Post title IRS Refund Status 2024
Country The USA
Department IRS
Category Taxation
Purpose Track your tax refund status
Deadline 15th April, 2024
Year 2024
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IRS Refund Status 2024- Know How Can You Track IRS Refund Status Easily?

Track Refund Status Via IRS Where’s My Refund or IRS2Go Mobile App

  • Recently, the IRS launched a new and updated Where’s My Refund tool which allows the taxpayers to track their federal and states tax returns. It is considered as the fastest way to check your tax return status and is advised as the first place to visit to track your status. It will ensure that the taxpayers do not have to contact IRS to have an insight on their tax refunds. While using the tool, a number of details will be required including Social Security Number (SSA), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) along with filing status and expected refund amount.
  • The IRS where’s my refund will inform the taxpayers about the status in three stages which include return process, return acceptance and refund approves. In addition to it, you can also track your refund status via IRS mobile application referred as IRS2Go, similar to the where’s my refund website. It will ask you the same pieces of details as of the former which must be provided accurately by the taxpayers in order to track their refund status. The app will also notify you regarding any update from the IRS department which must be responded. Keep in mind that after filing tax returns, the refund may expect a while to be issued by the authorities.

When Can You Expect Your IRS Tax Refunds?

The Internal Revenue Service do not have any fixed dates to issue the tax refunds to the taxpayers. However, the deposit date for your tax refund will depend on the day you have filed for your tax returns and how did you file it. For instance, if you have filed for your tax returns via electronic mode, then track your refund status within 24 hours of your filing and the refund will be issued within three weeks or 21 days after you have filed your returns.

However, in case of amended returns or returns sent through mail, the taxpayers may have to wait around four weeks or over in order to receive their tax returns. There are few instances where you may expect a delay while IRS issue your tax returns. The last date for filing your tax returns was 15th April 2024 and in case you have not filed your returns yet, then you can utilize the extended deadline up to 15th October, 2024.

Why I Have not Received My IRS Refund Yet?

As previously mentioned, there are some instances where IRS may expect a delay in issuing your tax returns. For instance, while sending your returns via mail can delay your returns up to four weeks of your tax returns filing. In addition to it, in case there is a requirement of any correction or review arises, then the taxpayers may have to wait for some time while getting their refund benefits.

For instance, if an error occurred in your social security number or incorrect direct deposit information, then it will play an impactful role while delaying your tax returns. Thus, it is advised to the taxpayers to fill up the U.S. Individual Income Tax Return form with an accuracy. If you have not received your refund within three weeks or even after the expected delay, then you are advised to contact the authorities. For more information, you can also visit the official website of the Internal Revenue Service.

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