Best Age to Apply for Social Security in 2024 and How to Apply Online ?

What is the best age for you to apply for the Social Security? It is a question that you ask yourself as choosing the age to claim the Social Security benefits can affect your monthly income. Though, the full retirement age to claim Social Security is set by the government and it is 65 but you can also apply for it as early at the age of 62. But the question is how will it affect your monthly income? We will cover all the required information for you to learn about the best and worst age to apply for Social Security and how can you apply for it? So, let’s take a detailed look.

What is Best Age For Social Security?

  • Social Security can be known as a financial aid that is provided by the U.S. government to the citizens of the United States. The main aim of the schemes under SSA is to provide monthly income to the candidates who contributed to the country and now are retired. The citizens who cannot work due to any disability are also benefit from the Social Security. The Social Security Administration (SSA) launched two programmes to support the citizens of the country financially. These programs are Supplemental Social Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). The eligible candidates can benefit from these schemes and fulfil their basic household requirement.
  • Apart from that, the veterans who served the country during their military service are also eligible to claim the social security benefits under Veterans’ Affairs (VA) programs. The monthly pensions guarantee a major financial comfort for the low-income individuals and their families and it will make sure that the recipient can make their monthly expenses more balanced and manageable.

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Social Security Apply Age 2024 Overview

Post name Best age to apply for Social Security and how to apply
Department Social Security Administration (SSA)
Country United States of America
Applicable for Eligible citizens of Unites States
Retirement age 62
Who can apply Retirees and disabled

Best Age to Apply for Social Security in 2024 and How to Apply Online ?

How Can Age Affect Your Social Security?

Opting the right age to claim the Social Security can depend on your specific circumstances. But before applying, you should know that your age can affect your monthly income of your Social Security. The U.S. government has set the retirement age of 62 and then you can apply for the Social Security. The full retirement age (FRA) is 65 and if you apply for Social Security at the age of 65 then you can receive the full payment.

Let’s dive deeper into the subject. If you are applying for your Social Security at an age of 62, then you are able to receive the payment for a life long time. Bottom line is it will affect you a major portion of your income. In other case, if you are applying for your Social Security at full retirement age (FRA) that is set as 65, then you are able to receive the full amount of your Social Security benefit. There are specific benefits for those who opts to apply for the Social Security post full retirement age until the age of 70. If you are applying for your Social Security at an age of 67, then you will receive the full amount of the Social Security along with 24% extra benefit when you will turn 70.

Best and Worst Age to Apply for Social Security

As mentioned earlier, opting the right age for Social Security depends on your specific circumstances. But if we see financially, the clear winner of the debate is the person who is opting at the age of 70. Though it is the least chosen option as the data shows only 4% retirees file at the age of 70. According to the data released by Social Security Administration (SSA) in December 2023, the average person collects around $739 more per month at 70 than 62.

On the other hand, if you have a handsome retirement fund and you are willing to enjoy the benefits for a longer time, then choosing the Social Security at 62 can be a smart move. Delaying Social Security till 70 is determined as a smarter move but if you are looking for your health conditions then choosing your Social Security in your early sixties is the best option for you. If looking at the researches, if a person files for Social Security at an early age, then he can miss around $111,000 of income throughout his lifetime.

How Can You Apply for Social Security?

To claim the Social Security benefits, you must need to apply for the process. Though there are many ways to apply for the Social Security but online applying can be considered as much friendly. But in case, if you are not able to use internet, then you can visit the Social Security office. Visiting Social Security office can be beneficial for you as it can provide you a representative to explain all the details required to apply for the Social Security.

Apart from visiting Social Security office, as it has some major drawbacks like long waiting times and the fixed visiting hours. Make sure to confirm the visiting hours before visiting the Social Security Office. Making an appointment through a phone call can be considered a best option. You can call your local office or 1-800-772-1213 in the office timings from Monday to Friday at 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

The best way to apply for Social Security is through online portal. It can save your time and you need not have to visit the office or have to wait for your turn to apply. You can simply visit the official website of Social Security Administration (SSA) which is Now you can follow the following points listed below step-by-step to apply for Social Security:

  • After reaching the homepage, click on apply for Social Security benefits.
  • You need to gather all the required documents like your Social Security card, your original birth certificate, a copy of your W-2 forms and proof of U.S. citizenship if you are not born in USA.
  • After verification of all the required documents, click on submit.
  • Later, the authorities will verify your claim.
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