$1300 New Stimulus Checks 2024 Coming- All You Need to Know About Eligibility & Payment Dates

The speculations going on for $1300 New Stimulus Checks 2024 Coming for All. The people of Alaska and Minnesota will soon be receiving this New Stimulus Check in the year 2024. The dispersal of around $1300 will be made distinctly in both of the U.S. states i.e. under the ‘Permanent Fund Dividend’ in Alaska and under ‘Walz Checks’ in Minnesota. The purpose of both programs by providing Stimulus Checks worth $1300 is to ensure that the people are given adequate financial backing to alleviate their standard of living.

$1300 New Stimulus Checks 2024

  • The Stimulus Checks are primarily designed as per the need of the immediate financial infusion in the economy of a state or country. The dispersal of New Stimulus Checks worth $1300 under the Alaskan PFD is intended to provide funds to facilitate the financial reliance of the State’s economy away from non-renewable income sources. On the other hand, the dispersal of New Stimulus Checks worth $1300 under Walz Checks is to fund the routine basic expenses of the citizens residing in low-income households.
  • Both of the programs are intended to help American citizens financially so that low-income households can live and maintain a good standard of living. This article will provide essential details including eligibility criteria about the New Stimulus Checks worth $1300 to help the potential recipients in claiming these checks.

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New Stimulus Checks worth $1300 :Overview 

Title of the Article

New Stimulus Checks worth $1300

Country of Implementation

The United States of America

Related State



Associated Department

State Revenue Department


Permanent Fund Dividend

Walz Checks

Intended Beneficiary

Alaskan Citizens

Low-income Households

Expected Amount

Around $1300

Estimated Timeline

May, 2024

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$1300 New Stimulus Checks 2024 Coming- All You Need to Know About Eligibility & Payment Dates

$1300 New Stimulus Checks Under Permanent Fund Dividend

The PFD is a state fund launched in 1976 by the state government of Alaska to create an alternate source of income for the state as well as its citizens. The PFD does that by investing the revenue generated from the trade of crude oil and natural gas into equity market, bond market, infrastructural projects and real estate. A portion of thesereceived earnings from the assets is also distributed among theeligible Alaskan citizens. The PFD is currently valued around $78 Billion and this Fund is administered by the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation. The PFD is managed by a six-membered board and these members are appointed by the Governor. The amount given as dividend in 2023 was $1312.

Eligibility for PFD 

The claimant must satisfy the criteria to receive dividend from PFD:

  • The claimant has to be an Alaskan resident for throughout the year 2023;
  • The claimant intends  to stay in Alaska indefinitely while applying for the dividend;
  • claimant haven’t claimed residency since 31stDecember, 2022 in another state or country;
  • The claimant needs to get permission for allowable absence from Alaska for more than 180 days;
  • The claimant needs to present for at least 72 hours in Alaska during 2022 or 2023;
  • claimant wasn’t sentenced or incarcerated for any felony conviction in 2023.

The Payment Dates for PFD

The payment dates for New Stimulus Checks worth $1300 in 2024 under PDF are:

21st March, 2024 – for claimants approved as ‘Eligible-Not Paid’ till the date of 13th March, 2024;
18th April, 2024 – for claimants approved as ‘Eligible-Not Paid’ till the date of 10th April, 2024;
16th May, 2024 – for claimants approved as ‘Eligible-Not Paid’ till the date of 8th May, 2024.


$1300 New Stimulus Checks Under Walz Checks

The Walz Checks is a tax rebate schedule to be given to eligible taxpayers in Minnesota in 2024. The amount to be given will be different for each recipient and may be between $260 and $1300. The taxpayer need to pay their tax dues in order to receive these New Stimulus Checks worth up to $1300. This payment is intended for low-income households with senior or disabled citizens. The minimum amount prescribed to be given for each such dependent is $260 and a married couple with at least three dependents, i.e. five-membered household, will be receiving the $1300. This amount won’t be considered under the taxable income for the claimant of these low-income households.

Eligibility Criteria

The claimant must satisfy the criteria to receive tax rebate under Walz Checks:

  • The claimant needs to be a resident taxpayer of the state of Minnesota;
  • Claimant needs to have filed tax return in the preceding tax years with no pending tax dues;
  • Annual gross income of the claimant’s household needs to be:
i. $75,000 – for single taxpayers;
ii. $112,500 – for heads of household;
iii. $150,000 – for married couples who jointly filed their tax returns.

The Payment Dates for Walz Checks

The payment dates for New Stimulus Checks worth $1300 in 2024 under Walz Checks aren’t declared yet as the exact date will be dependent on the individual claimant successful qualification after submission of their tax returns but those who have filed their taxes early on will this tax year will start receiving their Walz Checks from the month of May 2024 onwards in the year 2024.

$1300 New Stimulus Checks 2024 Coming Facts & Latest Update 

The term stimulus checks is used quite frequently since the pandemic for each and every financial aid that is been announced by the federal or state governments. However it important to note here that such a use isn’t wise, as it is quite inappropriate and misleading for the average citizen to differentiate between the official announcements and rumors. The readers are advised to always verify the $1300 New Stimulus Checks 2024 Coming news from the official website of the concerned department rather than depending on third party websites. It will help in avoiding any potential scams or frauds in the future.

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  1. What is this state doing for SSDI recipients? My income is only $1,500.00 a month, I can’t even afford my own apartment. I have to rent a bedroom in someone else’s house. I have no taxable income so I don’t file taxes. I Just
    had my Medicare insurance taken away now all I have is Medicare insurance that only pays 60% of my medical bills. I’m no longer going to live in America and I was born here in Minnesota and have lived here all my life. What a shame.


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