Apply for New Social Security Card Online 2024- What are the Required Documents and Process to Apply?

This article will explore the New Social Security Card and the online process to apply for it. The Social Security Administration is a federal body administering various financial assistance programs. These SSA programs are taking care of the living standards and financial adequacy of the American citizens. The U.S. Federal Government has been sponsoring these SSA programs via its Department of Treasury. The most important factor that facilitate all this Social Security programs is assigning a Social Security Number and issuing Social Security Card. This is not only help in identification of permanent citizens and legally permitted residents but also facilitate them in getting a job and working in America.

Apply for New Social Security Card Online 2024

  • The Social Security Number is a numerical identifier that is assigned to each and every US citizens and also to legally permitted residents in the USA. It helps in tracking the income of the SSN assignee while considering for any Social Security benefits. It also helps the Internal Revenue Service in the taxation affairs and even creates a credit history of the SSN assignee. Now the SSN is required in all various spheres of public affairs where the assignee is required to present this number such as opening bank accounts, applying for government benefits, etc.
  • The Social Security Card is a physical identification card, which contains the SSN and associated details to help assignee in presenting before the concerned authority for identification. The SSN and Social Security Card are delivered to qualified SSA beneficiaries based on their qualification. The required documents and process of applying for a Social Security Card will be discussed here.

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Apply New Social Security Card Online Details


Apply New Social Security Card Online 2024

Country of Implementation

The United States of America

Associated Department

The Social Security Administration


The Social Security Benefits

Intended Beneficiaries

Permanent US Citizens

Legally Permitted Residents in USA

Required for Identification

Social Security Number

Applying for

Social Security Card

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Apply New Social Security Card Online 2024- What are the Required Documents and Process to Apply?

Why to Apply New Social Security Card in 2024?

  • The U.S. Federal Government has been attempting to ensure good living standards for low-income households by implementing numerous Social Security Programs in the USA. The SSA is not only planning but also supervising and monitoring the delivery of Social Security benefits to eligible low-income households.
  • The main goal behind the SSA efforts is to guarantee that all American households are financially capable of securing sufficient resources essential for their survival while having a good standard of living.
  • The SSN is required to avail a variety of Social Security benefits that are offered to eligible low-income households. The SSA benefits comprise of pension, stimulus checks, Medicare, and more such financial aid services to assist the recipients in their retirement years or disability.
  • However, if a person doesn’t have a SSN they won’t be able to receive these benefits. Similarly, if the person fails to present a Social Security Card then he or she might be declined from the opportunity to get a job or work in USA, if the person is legally applying for work in USA.

Types of Social Security Cards 

There are the following Social Security Card types:

Type one- ‘Standard Social Security Card’

  • For U.S. citizens or legally permitted permanent residents;

Type two – ‘Valid for work’

  • For individuals who are legally permitted to work in USA for temporary basis, it requires authorization from Department of Homeland Security;
Type three – ‘Not valid for work’
  • For individuals who are legally admitted to live in USA for non-work reason therefore not authorized to work by the DHS, it may also be issued for fulfilling the legal requirement of having a SSN.

Required Document for New Social Security Card 

The following documentation are required to be submitted before the authorities to prove:

Age Proof:  
  • Hospital record of birth in US;
  • Religious record indicating age and date of birth (issued before attaining the age of 5 years);
  • Passport;
  • Final Adoption Decree indicating birth information of original birth certificate.
Identity Proof:
  • Driver’s License issued in the US;
  • Non-driver Identity card issued by any US state;
  • US Passport.
  • Birth Certificate issued in the US;
  • US Passport;
  • Consular issued Birth Report;
  • Citizenship Certificate;
  • Naturalization Certificate.
Immigration Status: 
  •  Unexpired DHS issued document indicating immigration status, for instance:
  • Form I-551;
  • Form I-94;
  • Form I-766.
  • International Students and Exchange Visitor needs to also provide:
  • Form I-20;
  • DS-2019;
  • Letter of authorization from school or employer.

How to Apply New Social Security Card Online 2024?

The following steps are to be taken to apply for Social Security Card:

  • Visit official SSA website;
  • Enter all relevant details in the form SS-5;
  • Provide required documentation in support of their claim;
  • Submit the application and documents in nearest Social Security office;

The approval and delivery of Social Security Card may take up to two weeks. The Social Security Card will be delivered by post at the address provided in the application. The Social Security Card isn’t for carrying around rather to be presented only when required so the SSN assigners are advised to keep it in safe place to avoid it being lost, stolen or damaged. For more information The applicant can call on the official SSA helpline at 1-800-772-1213.

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